LED Throwies

published: 2006-02-15 04:01:27 UTC

The poor old boring walls of New York. Since January 1st, 2006, it is illegal for a person under the age of 21 to possess spray-paint or permanent markers in New York City for the purpose of creating graffiti. Sad for the good artists out there, spraying quirky characters and commentary. But it may stop the surplus crap phrases about war and tax, and the ubiquitous distortion of their own name in some idiot zigzagging font, adorned with so many arrows and stripes that looking at it becomes nauseous.

While the most mundane graffitist piously claims that their art reclaims public space, I can’t uphold this argument for most of them. The same artist wouldn’t spontaneously sweep the street, or clean a park - reclaiming it for the populous. There’s just no thrill in seeing a big word in fluorescent letters, much like there would be no joy in listening to someone shout their name (and nothing more) in public. Go do something interesting and innovative. Like formulate a plan to attach hundreds of LEDs to a wall with some mates – social, legal and inpermanent.

Check out the video complete with its dulcet José Gonzales track. After that follow the link to see how to make your own LED throwies![1]

Thx to Jon Will for this

Edit 2016 - The Graffiti Research lab site is now down. The video provided is now on YouTube rather than the http://ww.graffitiresearchlab.com/ site. And the link to make your own is dead.